confession london

the look the lips the hair the hips ... perfection

mood everything alright ... weiterlesen
2.4.07 00:42

we're smart we're pretty and we got asses that rock!

jukebox Jan Wayne - Mad World so little time & so much to do Lang, lang ist's her... und inzwischen... weiterlesen
8.4.07 00:04

SMILE & the world smiles with you. LAUGH & everybody's thinking you're on drugs.

mood Gosh - I've realized how pretty I am! Shall I feel great or sad because I haven't known that be... weiterlesen
11.4.07 22:38

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful. Hate me cuz your girlfriend said so!

mood feeling sooooo damn good! jukebox Girls Aloud Rarities *.* atm "Grease" "Gott, unser Kühlschr... weiterlesen
13.4.07 00:08

don't title me!

icon credit by Sleeping_Bitchy@Livejournal jukebox Girls Aloud - History Saralein... geht's gut,... weiterlesen
16.4.07 23:17

It must be summer...

jukebox Fountains of Wayne . Sink to the button News Next WE = PartyWE im Weekend (welch ein Worts... weiterlesen
21.4.07 11:55

if the world asks me what I want, would I say money? freedom? beauty? or just me?

mood feelin fucked up && wasted jukebox Madonna - Jump (Remix) Die Sonne scheint, ich habe so u... weiterlesen
22.4.07 13:16

something kinda ooh makes my heart goes boom-boom

mood HAPPY jukebox Girls Aloud - See the day (Soundhouse MB Mix) Today, Tonight Die Woche ist vorb... weiterlesen
27.4.07 19:00

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