confession london

Most people are stronger than they know.

Changes are never easy. One day you feel your life is changing, slowly, fast ... you try to fight... weiterlesen
3.6.07 22:59

so ein nettes, sympathisches Mädchen...

mood a bit of everything... jukebox fatalerweise gar nichts Bad News & Good News Beginnen wir mit... weiterlesen
6.6.07 14:19

to the nights we won't remember with the friends we'll never forget!

feeling so terrible...dying inside. Wenn ich schreibe, dass ich praktisch innerlich sterbe, dann be... weiterlesen
9.6.07 15:59

Life is better blonde.

mood überglücklich, gereizt, genervt, wütend... jukebox DJ Antoine - this time Oh I really, really... weiterlesen
21.6.07 00:45

"that I'll bring you happiness is hard to come by I confess

I'm bad at this thing happiness. credit goes to icylein! thx Tage wie dieser sind eigentlich ganz ... weiterlesen
23.6.07 01:19

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