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Happy new year, honeys

mood jukebox DJ Tiesto ft. irgendwen - In the dark icon by strange.icons "Yesterday is history, t... weiterlesen
2.1.08 22:35

never forget the fuckin' princess story

mood jukebox The wreckers - damn that radio icon by unknown Zu faul für... so ziemlich alles, für... weiterlesen
5.1.08 17:54

it's a lie, a kiss with open eyes

mood jukebox The Veronicas . Hook me up "Someone once said 'It's the good girls who keep diaries,... weiterlesen
8.1.08 17:46

nothing good about goodbye

mood confused jukebox Anna Nalick - Wreck of the day Eine Mischung aus sozialer Ungleichheit und..... weiterlesen
9.1.08 22:40

Save me for spending everything and something for nothing...

mood I don't know... jukebox Tracy Chapman . Broken Manchmal streit man sich nur, um zu streiten. ... weiterlesen
10.1.08 22:51

somebody out there doesn't want me to be happy...

mood CONFUSED jukebox Cascada . what hurts the most Es kommt, wie es wohl kommen musste und vielle... weiterlesen
13.1.08 17:08

The Story 'bout Dylan...

mood a little bit too thoughtful, I guess jukebox Hinder . Lips of an angel icon by strange.icons ... weiterlesen
16.1.08 22:35

some kind of bittersweet

mood jukebox Bee-Low . Ready or Not Schiller nannte es auserlesene Vergnügungen oder zügellose Ze... weiterlesen
17.1.08 23:58

sweet dreams are made of this

mood jukebox "I decided to let the fear enter for 5 seconds, 5 seconds that's all I'd let it hav... weiterlesen
20.1.08 23:37

Hope is for losers, baby

mood jukebox Nickelback . Figured you out icon by strange.icons Ich wünschte, das Leben hätte ein... weiterlesen
24.1.08 15:41

you might think it's easy being me. just stand still, look pretty.

mood feeling so numb jukebox The wreckers . stand still, look pretty "I'm a pretty girl. I'm not be... weiterlesen
25.1.08 23:57

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