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An dieser Stelle einen längst überfälligen Rückblick über den Werdegang dieses Blog's, sowie ein paar aktuelle Zeilen jeweils über das aktuelle Design und dessen Hintergründe, Entstehung.

"sleepless dreams" - Slogan Nr. 1
. entstanden 2005
. gleichzeitig Blog URL, sowie E-Mail Adresse

#1 - walking in a winterwonderland
ft. Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio Fake
Lyrics: (unknown -) Walking in a winterwonderland

#2 - I'm just started being bad
ft. Alessandra Ambrosio
Lyrics: Sarah Connor - I'm just started being bad

"Bitched Version 2.0" - Slogan Nr. 2

#1 - Why do I wear a halo in your eyes?
ft. Eva Mendes
Lyrics: Bethany Joy Lenz – Halo

#2 - I'm the only one of my kind2.4.06
ft. Gisele Bündchen
Lyrics: Placebo

#3 - Estoy aqui16.4.06
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Inspiration: "Kingdom of Heaven" (Movie), Frida Kahlo, Shakira - Estoy aqui

#4 - Unsweet seventeen Anfang Mai 06
ft. Sienna Miller
Inspiration: Wakefield - Unsweet sixteen

#5 - Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose
ft. Maggie Grace
Lyrics: Natasha Bedingfield - Wild horses

#6 - Supergirls don't cry
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Lyrics: Reamonn – Supergirl

"Questions wanted" - Slogan Nr. 3

#1 - In search of something important 15.6.06
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Inspiration: Ein Gespräch mit einem Pfarrer zum Thema: Sinn des Lebens.

#2 - Please don't tell me 23.6.06
ft. Gisele Bündchen, Scans der Stufenzeitschrift, Scan der RAR Karte
Inspiration:3 doors down, Hoobastank – Out of control

#3 - Girl who always smiles 26.8.06
ft. Evangeline Lily
Quote: I wanna be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken.

#4 - I feel my mask of sanity is about to slip 4.9.06
ft. Ian Somerhalder
Inspiration & Quotes: Film „American Psycho“

#5 - Crazygirl 27.9.06
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Inspiration: Katy Rose – Vacation

#6 - Sometimes you got to be your own hero10.12.06
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Quote: „Maybe sometimes you have to stop waiting for somebody to come along and fix what’s wrong.”

#7 - Nobody's girl 19.12.06
ft. Jeisa Chiminazzo
Lyrics: Anouk – Nobody’s wife

#8 - Dramaqueen 18.1.07
ft. Britney Spears, Unbekanntes Model, div. Scans, Material
Lyrics: Ashlee Simpson
Inspiration: "Mean Girls" (Movie)

"Princess of tomorrow" Slogan Nr. 4
. entstanden durch meine erste Website 2004
. ursprünglich Website Slogan, wurde dann Blog Slogan

#1 - Not enough for you 30.1.07
ft. Sophia Bush, Unbekanntes Model
Inspiration: One tree hill

#2 - Impossible is nothing 11.2.07
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Quote: “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is nothing.”
Inspiration: Unmöglich ist nichts, wenn du es willst.

#3 - Closer to you22.3.07
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Lyrics: Mandi Perkins – Closer to you

#4 - Girl with the golden touch 13.5.07
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Lyrics: Razorlight – Girl with the golden touch
Imspiration: Pop Art

#5 - Girl who saves the day 12.8.07
ft. Natalia Vodianova
Inspiration:„Daredevil“ (Movie)

#6 - Citygirl
ft. New York City
Lyrics: Girls aloud – Swinging London town

#7 - To the nights we won't remember with the friends we'll never forget 3.10.07
ft. Jaime King
Inspiration: Stanfour – Do it all, Anouk – Nobody’s wife

"What's her fucking name" - Zwischenslogan auf Ersatzblog

#1 - What's her fucking name? 18.10.07
ft. Unbekannte Model, Photos für Sisley
Inspiration: Hinder - Room 21, Shiny toy guns – Le disco

#2 - I wanna live before I die 10.11.07
ft. Lindsay Lohan
Lyrics: Katy Rose – I like
Inspiration:Hinder – Room 21

"Princess of tomorrow" - Zurück zum alten Blog

#8 - I can't unveil what I have found in me 21.11.07
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Lyrics: Mandi Perkins – Closer to you

#9 - Hook me up 4.12.07
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Lyrics: The Veronicas - Hook me up

#10 - Live today... 27.12.07
ft. Jeisa Chiminazzo
Quote: Live today in such a way that when tomorrow comes the memories of yesterday will all be cherished ones.

#11 - Nineteen and Insane 30.12.07
ft. Unbekanntes Model
Inspiration: Keith Urban - Tonight I wanna cry, Ana Johnsson - We are, Plain white T's - Hate, Film "American Psycho", Buch "Fahrenheit 451"

#12 – Oh, where I gonna sleep tonight?6.3.08
ft. Ana Beatriz Barros
Lyrics: Amy MacDonald - This is the life

#13 – You better let her in 25.3.08
ft. Jessica Alba & Jensen Ackles
Lyrics: Fountains of Wayne – too cool for school

#14 - Rockable26.5.08
ft. Naomi Watts
Lyrics: 3 doors down - Train

#15 – It’s princess of tomorrow, you know?
ft. //
Quote: „I took a look around. I’m a revolving door I’ve seen it all before I will begin again but I can’t start until I’ve seen the end.”

#16 – Life’s the game I play30.7.08
ft. Carmen Kaas
Lyrics: Ana Johnsson – The way I am
Inspiration: Serie „Californication“, Ana Johnsson – Don’t cry for pain, I’m stupid

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